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About Us

Our Goal is to Stimulate the quality of your child's early life
  • Our Inspiration

    Being involved with the kids for almost 30 years now I have had the opportunity to see how the child’s mind, behaviour and learning has evolved over the years. The support of my husband and children has been immense.

    My inspiration are all the children who have come across and especially my grand children Ryan and Tara who are the future and will enter the most interesting times we have ever seen. With the advancement of technology brings great benefits but also the challenges we have to over come. So that’s why we are determined to have robust programs for our future children. As we believe that every child is special and it is very important that the child gets the required tools to unlock his/her utmost potential, especially in the early years of life. With the support of my team and fellow parents I’m sure we will be able to achieve and create a happier and a better tomorrow.

  • Our Philosophy

    “I have a dream!”
    What dreams & hopes do each of us have in your heart now for our children? They are the hope of humanity. Each of them is hope itself. Each possess a precious treasure.

    — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

    Our Children are bursting with vibrant energy & ever seeking spirit to grow & develop. That’s why it’s so very significant to establish a solid foundation in the beginning years of each one. It’s also important to experience satisfaction of accomplishing something in your own way & within your own capacity. Our sole desire is to raise genuine individuals with good character who will take on active roles in society in the 21st century.

    That’s why “A beautiful Story” is created so as to bring out the hidden reservoir of potential, abilities & talent of your child through active involvement & participation. “The child of today is the future of tomorrow”. Each child is our greatest inspiration.

    No matter how much we advance in science & technology Human interactions is the source of everlasting values, behaviour & mannerisms from time without beginning. When each seed is sown with utmost care it will definitely grow into a fruitful healthy tree one day. As parents its our prime responsibility to nurture this seed with the right amount of nutrients.

  • Direct from Co-ordinator's Desk

    How can we ensure that our children grow up to be responsible, productive global citizens. Certainly academic education will not suffice. We need to complement academic education by instilling values that form the very basis of human life progress and civilization in order to lead sensible, fulfilling lives.

    Every baby born is born with 100 billion brain cells. Some of these are connected at birth, but most of them are not. It is these connections that will happen in first 5 years. Therefore the more the connections the smarter and more efficient will be your child’s brain function. Besides focusing on their physical growth we must also focus on their growing brain.

    While the world has been focused on academic achievement in childhood, emotional self-regulation has been largely ignored. This is a poor strategy, given that research suggests emotional intelligence is twice as strong a predictor as IQ of later success.

    We at A beautiful story believe in nurturing the nature of each child and facilitating them in unlocking each ones live’s hidden treasure !

    Emotional intelligence encompasses awareness, understanding, and the ability to express and manage one’s emotions.

    When a child can make a change to address a problem, they engage in problem-focused coping by identifying the trouble and making a plan for dealing with it. When they deem the problem unsolvable, they engage in emotion-focused coping by working to tolerate and control distress. All of these strategies are a part of emotional intelligence.

    A Beautiful Story will facilitate them to tackle critical situations, take on life’s challenges head-on with an undefeated spirit.

  • What makes A Beautiful Story Special

    Creative/ multi sensory programmes

    We have designed Creative/ multi sensory programmes for 3 kinds of learners – auditory / visual / kinaesthetic

    Concept learning & Critical thinking

    We will be nurturing them Concept learning, cognitive skill engaging formats, reinforcing concepts, critical thinking and problem solving that are beyond classroom curriculum

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