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  • How to enroll your child to a class?

  • Welcome to A Beautiful Story

    Perfect programme for unlocking & nurturing your child's innate potential
    • Tell-a-Tale

      Story Telling:
      A great learning interactive session. The fast pace media soaked environment of today blocks a child’s mental development. When children use their minds instead of images provided to them on a screen they develop abstract thinking. Children become more confident, creative & resilient.

    • The Great Paper-Caper

      Art & Craft: Artistic activities foster intellectual development. Stimulating both sides of the brain, increasing the capacity of memory, attention and concentration. Artistic activities are proven to increase creativity in the early stages of a child’s development and thus helping in increasing IQ.

    • Poetry Recitals & Music

      Poetry Recitals & Music: Helps the body and mind to work together. Exposing children to music during early development helps them to learn sounds which exercises their aural discrimination. Young children love a blend of music, movement, rhythm & dance.

    • Mommy Toddler Sessions

      Mommy Toddler Sessions: Even the youngest babies interact with the environment and seek interactions from their primary caregivers. This high level of interaction will define your baby’s temperament. This will also enhance the attention, activity level & sociability skills.

  • Our philosophy is learning through play as we offer a stimulating environment for children.

    • Daily Classes

      Classes alternate days/thrice a week. Alternative methods are more effective & long lasting.

    • Specialized Training Sessions

      For Mommy & child to understand the needs of brain development as early nurturing begins at conception & stimulation thereafter is essential.

    • Develop Creative Mind

      We facilitate your children to develop creative abilities through play.

    • Add sense of responsibility

      We inspire your children to be responsible for their own learning and towards the society.

    • Encourages children’s enthusiasm for life

      Passionate children are happy children because there is something in their lives that they absolutely love to do.

    • Our Students
    • Facilitation Hours
    • Annual Sessions
  • Our Sessions

    We offer 3 dedicated sessions a week on alternate days!
  • Our goal is to stimulate the quality of your child's early life enabling them to unlock their greatest potential.

    We help your children to grow wide variety of skills are.

    • Personality development
    • Enhance verbal proficiency
    • Increase listening skills
    • Encourage creativity & imagination
    • Sharpening memory
    • Better communication
    • Focused & fast learning
    • Interactive Learning

      We use Interactive learning systems that reward children not only for success but for progress too!

    • Friendly Place

      Our experienced staff makes sure a gentle environment is provided to every child.

    • Children Safety

      Children safety is our prime objective, Every child is kept under constant and careful supervision.

    • Joyful Activities

      Children love to learn new things & we help them learn in the shape of fun activities.

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